Latest Blogs

On this page, we will collect the most recently posted blogs from Max, Lori and Steve.

      • Lori:  Croatia – 6/21/19 – Blog
      • Lori: Annecy & Geneva – 7/3/19 – Blog
      • Lori: Hiking the Swiss Alps – 7/7/19 – Blog
      • Steve: June 29th– July 5th  Croatia, Annecy, Geneva – Blog
      • Steve: July 6th – July 12th  Geneva, Swiss Alps – Blog
      • Steve: July 13th – July 17th Mürren, Vaduz, Munich, Seattle – Blog

We have also posted a Safari Photo Album – even with only iPhones and iPads we took far too many interesting animal pictures to capture in a blog.  I would note this will not be properly updated until our various devices link to high bandwidth internet which will likely be late June.

Max and Lori made a video of our adventures in Scandanavia and we made a slide show of the whole adventure (but beware it is 45 minutes long).