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After a long and windy path of planning, both for home and work, Lori, Max and I have started a six month sabbatical of traveling, learning and family time. I don’t have a specific plan or purpose, but we have agreed we would each do a bit of a blog to capture our adventures. To this end, I am starting with a daily blog post that I will round up into weeks for posting.

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  • January 28th – February 1st London, Copenhagen, Umeå, Tärnaby – Blog
  • February 2nd – February 8th Tärnaby, Ylläs – Blog
  • February 9th – February 15th Ylläs, IceHotel, Stockholm, Frankfurt – Blog
  • February 16th – February 22nd Seattle Touchdown, Whistler – Blog
  • February 23rd  A ski movie of Max tearing up the slopes 
  • February 23rd – March 1st  Whistler, Callaghan Valley, Whistler – Blog
  • March 2nd – March 8th Whistler, Seattle, Colorado Blog
  • March 9th – March 15th Colorado, Seattle, Seoul Blog
  • March 16th – March 22nd  Seoul, Singapore, Hanoi – Blog
  • March 23rd – March 29th Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Halong Bay – Blog
  • March 30th – April 5th Halong Bay, Hanoi, Siem Reap, New Delhi – Blog
  • April 6th – April 12th New Delhi, Gulmarg, Udaipur- Blog
  • April 13th – April 19th New Delhi, Berlin – Blog
  • April 20th – April 26th Harz Mountains, Berlin – Blog
  • April 27th – May 3rd Berlin, Tucson – Blog
  • May 4th– May 10th   Seattle – Bloggers Holiday
  • May 11th– May 17th  Sicily – Blog
  • May 18th– May 24th  Sicily – Blog
  • May 25th– May 31st  Sicily, Istanbul – Blog
  • June 1st – June 7th Kenya, Tanzania – Blog
  • June 8th – June 14th Tanzania, Kenya, Seychelles – Blog
  • June 15th – June 21st  Seychelles, Athens, Croatia – Blog
  • June 22nd  – June 28th  Croatia (Boat Trip) – Blog
  • June 29th– July 5th  Croatia, Annecy, Geneva – Blog
  • July 6th – July 12th  Geneva, Swiss Alps – Blog
  • July 13th – July 17th Mürren, Vaduz, Munich, Seattle – Blog

June 1st – June 12th  – Safari Photo Album

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